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The abstract dress

October 08, 2017

First of all, this dress was made with a lot of love and patience.



February 2016

Я родилась в Израиле в Тель-Авиве. Позвольте мне рассказать о городе и стране где я родилась.


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Part 1

This day I and my friend Erika had art class. Our nice teacher told us to make a painting of our selves. I thought it was a great idea. I really liked the idea to work on this subject. And that is why I worked with love and patient for long one hour. The teacher gave us zero ideas we were free by drawing and we could use all our imagination.

Map. IGA, Subway…

Map - IGA subway icon

May 2014

I made this map because it’s all things and places that I know.

I know subway and IGA

and I know where my school is and my street

and I know how to slide

and I know how to do sliding

and I know where my house is if I get lost

and I know all the stuff about me.

My dreams

My dreams icon

May 2014

I wish to have a bunny and I wish in my garden to have butterfly flowers that smells like butterfly milk. And my last dream that my father will come from his meeting fast.


Earth  icon

May 2014

Sun and sky. A butterfly flying next to my window. A rainbow tree grew in my backyard and beautiful flowers grew in my garden and the grass animals don’t eat and the humans put it in their salad.

Dog Park

Dog Park icon

May 2014

The hallway comes to the park and there are bricks that dogs cannot jump over and in the path humans bring their puppies there are swings both for dogs, two speakers to announce that the park is closed or open or tell the dogs when the park is about to close and the speakers say the rules if they not aloud or aloud to do stuff be careful or not be careful and there is a water fountain and a slide for dogs.