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The robot girl

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May 2014

The robot girl has a computer on her belly and she has a computer on her shoulders, her body is an electricity box so that is how she moves and talks.

She has computers on her arms too, and she has regular lips and regular hair and she has ears from an alien.

Guwy (gooey-gelly) monster girl

Guwy monster girl icon

May 2014

Guwy monster girl has all her body guwy. Her legs are guwy her nose is guwy and her hands have powers for guwy, whenever a girl or a boy needs to play with guw she will come and help.

The Robo heart

Robo heart icon

May 2014

This is the best Robo in the world. She has a heart face and a heart body, her legs are wheels she has a neck long almost as long as a giraffe. She contents lots and lots of energy for 100 years. When a girl or a boy is sad well the Robo heart will come and help every kid that needs help. And she has lion’s hands.

Book 2012


February 2012

The English Roses

The English Roses Icon


I have two books that Madonna wrote, there were 5 girls but first they were four.

I really love this book because it is very lovely and very interesting book, it has lovely girls one girl has yellow hair and her name is Nicole, one has red hair and her name is Amy, and one has purple hair her name is Charlotte, and one has black hair her name is Grace.

A Butterfly

A Butterfly Icon

October 2012

This picture I did in art class at Erika’s house, the butterfly was very pretty she did not wanted to get dirty; if she got dirty she would die, because she loves her beauty and dirty is being out of her beauty. She got dirty of black mud and she was falling down the sky and when she came down to the grass she died.

The Princess In The Rain

The Princess In The Rain Icon


This picture I made in my art class that me and my friend Erika took together. I made her hair very, very long all the way to the ground because she is a princess. She is a funny dress it is puffed (puffy) her umbrella is very tall 10” tall, and her hat is blue and there is a brush on it cause she is painting and the brush is on her ear.