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Toucan lays blue eggs

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April 2013

This picture is called the Toucan Lays Blue Eggs. The egg is very small it’s in the nest they make their nest of leaves. A toucan can lay only four eggs a day, all at the same time.

Rainbow Watermelon

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The picture called a Rainbow Watermelon. I like to do rainbow things because it’s very beautiful and rainbow is my favourite thing and watermelon is my most favourite fruit. I wish a watermelon could be a rainbow colors.

The hand song

The hand song Icon

June 2013

This is a song not a story. My hand can almost do everything she can write and she can color she is the best and I love her. And she is the wonderful for my heart I do not like when she interrupts me.

One smart girl

One smart girl Icon

June 2013

I made a smart girl that watering her carrot, cause it was too hot and the carrot was too sweaty, and after the carrot was happy than the cat was really thirsty so the girl gave him water too.

Selected Fragments 2010-12

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Snow Queen Book (Version Two. English)

My Snow Queen Book

August 2013

I decided to create the second version of the book because i didn’t really like it i did not like the sound. I felt like i can do better job in English.

Snow Queen Book (Version one. Hebrew)

Snow Queen Book

December 2012

This is my “Snow Queen” book