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The Robo heart

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May 2014

This is the best Robo in the world. She has a heart face and a heart body, her legs are wheels she has a neck long almost as long as a giraffe. She contents lots and lots of energy for 100 years. When a girl or a boy is sad well the Robo heart will come and help every kid that needs help. And she has lion’s hands.

The Robo heart

The Robo heart

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  1. Papa says:

    Bravo Sofi!!

  2. Dudu says:

    Hi Sofi Good Morning ,

    She is much more powerful than you think..
    She actually has a magical ability to cure and heal bad moods of adults..
    As I opened your link last night I was in a gloomy mood and not such good spirit
    and as she stared at me with her beautiful green eyes and I realized she belongs to you
    a big smile was pasted on my face and a good warming feeling filled my heart and you know what…?
    This morning thinking of it made my day opening better…. all thanks to the Robo heart girl.
    She is pwerful

    • Sofi says:

      Dudu i am very happy that Robo heart made you a good day and i hope that when ever you are in a bad mood i hope that Robo heart will help you. love Sofi.

  3. Eli says:

    Very cute Sofi. It warmed my heart too ♥ and reminded me of wonder woman 🙂 Who run the world? Girls!!!

    • Sofi says:

      Dear Eli

      you gave me the best comment ever you are so cute i love you

      love Sofi.

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